VIMA has developed a technology that automatically appraises people’s traits and soft skills from a video in real time.

Located in Switzerland, VIMA is leveraging over ten years of research and scientific validation in social computing, behavioural psychology and artificial intelligence.

Our understanding of people reaches human-level accuracy while reducing decision bias to its minimum. For the first time, employers can understand the personalities of employees and monitor their evolution over time.

HR departments are thus empowered by a powerful combination of data and AI. They can focus on what matters most: engaging with employees and teams to grow and retain them.

Enabling VIMA’s technology into your organisation will directly help your retain employees and increase their commitment to your company.


Product overview and features

Soft skills are the main long-term success factors. Companies thus need to have an accurate, automated and trusted way to evaluate the personality profiles of employees.

Using state-of-the-art speech processing, computer vision and behavioural psychology, VIMA has developed proprietary AI algorithms that replicate how experts evaluate soft skills and personality traits of people while reducing bias to a minimum.

For learning and development, our system matches every employee to personality-specific training module. It also measures the impact of such modules while monitoring employee evolution and personal development over time.

In parallel, our software is a tailored recommendation system that automatically suggest which personality profiles should be teamed up to guarantee the best chances of a team to perform. Because teams are the corner stone of organisations, their effectiveness is of paramount importance.



Focus on the employees that will meet your current and future needs.


Provide person-specific training module.

One-size-fits-all training modules are a thing of the past. Focus on the specific needs of every employee by selecting the right course for the right profile. This will save you time and money and will increasing employee satisfaction, which in turns leads to a higher retention rate. Dedicate more time on what matters: people and how to foster a better company culture with more engaged employees.

More efficient teams, more productivity.

VIMA helps your organisation to identify what is the secret sauce of performing teams. How? By analysing every member of those teams, VIMA will point at the soft skills and personality traits that, combined, lead to more efficient groups. In addition, it optimises pairwise combination of employees.

Understand people, not only performance reviews.

Access detailed insights about every employee at any time. Standard evaluations of soft skills are available as well as deeper ones to evaluate skills such as leadership. You can also leverage advanced visualisation techniques on groups of employees or specific demographics (e.g. gender, age) to quantify diversity and inclusivity.

Reduce bias to a minimum.

Eliminate decision bias, talent is everywhere. Look for the right match using soft skills and never again miss the right person for the right job/team because of personal judgment. VIMA’s software never uses personal information such as gender, age or ethnicity and understands candidates in a trustworthy and transparent way.


Use cases


Leadership programs: growing your employees the best-possible way.

Employees that want to grow within the organisation need to be provided with a meaningful development plan.

On the one hand, the learning and development modules that they enrol in need to be tailored to their own needs and personality profiles to avoid a one-size-fits-all effect. On the other hand, the right employees need to be carefully selected to enter leadership programs.

Thanks to VIMA, companies can now match every employee to specific training modules depending on her/his personality profiles. In addition, they can monitor the impact of those modules over time to ensure that they are effective.

Overall, this increases the satisfaction and engagement of employees while saving money for the employer.

With a simple timeline, you can see where the cohort stands from a chronological perspective, when the previous evaluations have been made (at the beginning, after 3 and 6 month) and how many days are remaining before the next one. A dynamic slider is available to go back in time.

For specific skills and traits, a clear evolution can be observed from different distributions (i.e. shapes of curves), showing the impact of specific training modules on the cohort of employees in a talent program.

A guide for performing teams.

By focusing on specific performance indicators, performing teams can be identified. But what makes them so productive? What makes the work of their team members so seamless and efficient? Thanks to VIMA, companies can now finally learn about the balanced mix of personalities that will enhance individual team productivity.

To guarantee a high level of performance across a wide range of teams, rearrangements of team members based on their personality profiles will improve internal mobility, increase employee engagement while reducing inter-worker friction and increase team productivity.

A simple timeline indicates when the last evaluations have been made and when the next ones are scheduled. A dynamic and movable slider allows you to move back and forth in time.

A global performance overview of all the teams is available at one glance. Full vertical lines indicate when evaluations of individual teams and their members have been made, resulting in a change of slope after an evaluation.

In a simple graphical manner, every team is represented using a set of multiple circles (team members) and lines (connection between members), whose color represents the quality of the connection: green indicates a positive, fruitful connection whereas a red implies a negative, detrimental one. In addition, the closer the circles, the better and stronger the connection between individual team members.

You can also focus on one specific team at a time, accessing more detailed information about each member (e.g. titles, education, past experiences, etc.).
On the right side of the dashboard, you will see if the team is performing well (Figure 1: close and green-connected circles) or not (Figure 2: one or multiple members being further away, connected via red lines). In the latter case, the system will automatically suggest recommendations (see below for detailed explanations).

To compare their performance with respect to the larger group (e.g. all the employees enrolled in teams), every team member is placed on the overall performance curve.

For each team member, and for any skill that has been evaluated, you can see where s/he is standing and what the evolution until now has been. Based on that information, you can evaluate if the person is improving or not.

A team is not performing well?
Is there tension between two members? What is the appropriate solution? This conundrum can now easily be solved by looking at recommendations that were automatically made by VIMA’s system.

If two team members need special attention they can be reassigned to a new team where they will fit and perform better. At the same time, VIMA recommends two others employees that will have a good interaction with the existing team members.

Now, the new team members are closer to one another and connected by green lines, indicating a positive and reinforcing relationship.

This ultimately leads to well-oiled and more performing teams.

You can also rearrange teams yourself by manually selecting new employees.

Welcome to your behavioural identity.

One employee, one personal shape: the personality profile.

There is no better or worse, just who you are. VIMA automatically provides valuable, scientifically-validated information about everyone. The personality profile shows distinct personality traits and soft skills at a glance. Its multi-dimensionality across 27 skills and traits ensures a good fit with your company and your needs.

It’s all about context.

For each of the 27 soft skills and personality traits, every employee is compared to a norm group (e.g. the top performers at your company, a generic population based on VIMA’s database, etc.). For example, someone might work better in an isolated environment, making her / him a better performer in jobs demanding a high level of concentration.

Complex reports are now past experiences.

Quickly navigate through the different characteristics of your employees. An intuitive navigation makes the information easily accessible and understandable. Upon evaluation, employees are provided with positive feedback about their own personality profiles. This allows them to consider ways to improve themselves, giving them concrete feedback for their lifelong learning process.

Professional analytics. One click away.

Who said that HR is not data driven? VIMA puts the human factor back at the centre of the equation and makes the intangible concrete.

A data-driven approach.

By making personality data available, you can reach a level of employee knowledge like never before. Unlock big data analytics and access actionable data to make better and more-informed decisions. Because people matter.

See how diversity and inclusivity are evolving.

Good news: the report is already done. Just log in to your account and see the evolution of key metrics to make your company move forward on those matters. You now have access to intelligent information that make sense for your company, allowing you to make decisions based on relevant insights.

Visualise your company culture, plain and simple.

Everyone is different, and yet the company culture is strongly felt and spread across the organisation. You can now visualise it because your culture is your people. Identify those who share your values, improving your company culture and empowering it.



They are unique. Treat them as such.

The relationship with your company never stops. Make it count.

Seamless and user-friendly experience: a user-centric web-based portal allows employees to record video CVs and receive their individual personality profile on any device.

Be where your employees are.

Digital experiences are happening online and often via smartphones. VIMA adapts to employees, allowing them to interact in a natural way, even on the go. A positive experience from the start.

Strong data privacy and protection

Candidates own their video and their data. VIMA is GDPR compliant and follows the Swiss protection laws, guaranteeing the highest-level of data privacy. The data extracted from the video is anonymised and analysed on VIMA’s servers located in Switzerland. This can also be performed in the country where your company is located depending on local regulations.

Video recording at its best

Maximise the video and sound quality of your video CV to show the best in you. VIMA’s recording platform will make sure your video quality is as good as it can be: sound check, positioning and light/exposure are optimised for the best possible output.

Honest and transparent feedback

Your employees deserve to learn from this experience and are provided with advice on how to improve. By building an open and transparent relationship, you will leave a positive impression on them, thereby increasing employee satisfaction and brand awareness. You will also have them differentiate themselves by highlighting their strongest assets: their skills.


Proof of Concept

Witness the power of our predictions by testing VIMA’s technology on your company’s employees and teams.


VIMA stands for accuracy and scientific validation. For this reason, it provides customers with a specific proof of concept to perform an objective experiment using data from their company.


It is an objective and transparent test in the form of a blind validation:


1. Video CVs of employees

1.1. Your company provides VIMA with videos CVs of employees in specific teams, alongside with the information of which teams is performing well or not.

1.2. You keep on your side a sample of video CVs, not sharing it with VIMA.

2. Based on this data (1.1), VIMA provides you with a tailored recommendation system.

3. The video CVs that were kept aside (1.2) are tested by the recommendation system that outputs recommendation scores for each team.

4.You can now objectively see if the recommendation score fits with the reality, as you already know which teams are performing well. A high score suggests that teams are performing well; a low score suggests that teams are performing poorly.

Note: if your company does not have video CVs of employees at the moment, they can record them using our online platform.


Implementation and timeline

Enterprise integration

VIMA’s product is compatible with any Human Resource Management System HRMS (e.g. WorkDay). VIMA will provide personalised IT support to help you set up the system with your IT team.


Continuous improvement

Benefit from the latest advancements from our research group in social computing and behavioural psychology. We are relentlessly advancing the accuracy of our AI systems to provide with the latest innovations in the field of behavioural intelligence.


Deploy the full power of VIMA’s product on your employees to select the best ones for your company.

For the first year, the Enterprise version is available at a discounted flat fee for unlimited use.

Depending on your company, you can opt for a payment per candidate or per job openings (with unlimited candidates).

For detailed information about our pricing, please contact sales@vima.swiss


APPENDIX – Skills and traits


The below skills and traits are currently understood by VIMA’s technology:


These traits directly relate to the Big Five (OCEAN) as well as Leadership.

  • Openness (vs. Conservatism)
  • Conscientiousness (vs. Impulsiveness)
  • Extraversion (vs. Introversion)
  • Agreeableness (vs. Antagonism)
  • Neuroticism (vs. Insensitivity)


Refers to the potential of candidates to be hired (how well candidates give such an impression to people).

Thank you.


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