These improve consumer data collection while augmenting traditional research methods.

Artificial Intelligence is opening unheard-of opportunities that will increase the size of the market research industry, increase the speed of results and lower prices.


What will impact consumer behaviour and purchase intent?
What are marketing opportunities and challenges?
How to better gather, record and analyse data?


History of change


Why use video?

Increased Engagement

Respondent Validation

Observed Usage

Background Context

Deeper Understanding

Emotions / Real Decision Making


What Customers (companies) Want


  • Better predictions: AI and machine learning
  • Automation: operational efficiency and more competitivity
  • Big Data: more data, more diverse data sources and collection methods
  • Immediate feedback and better reporting of research results
  • Psychographics – better understanding of your pool of consumers



Know your “true” consumer in real-time

  • Move beyond the limitations of self-reporting: automated psychographic profiling
  • Accurate overview of personality profiles



  • Take action thanks thanks to immediate feedback with decision-tree, action points
  • Swiftly adapt to the personalities and behaviours of consumers


Big Data

  • Leverage the best of both worlds, i.e. qualitative information (e.g. sales volumes, number of visitors, etc.) and qualitative insights (e.g. emotional reactions based on a calibration on behaviours) to unlock opportunities like never before.




Understanding customer emotions and behaviours plays a key part in building customer engagement and brand loyalty, both of which can contribute to better sales, revenue and ROI.

In addition, it is of paramount importance to optimise factors such as price points and product features.

In that regard, AI and machine learning applied to videos unlock unprecedented opportunities to gain deeper insights about customers and their perception of products and services.


VIMA as your trusted partner

VIMA provides behavioural intelligence tools, which allow companies to improve their understanding of customers at an emotional level but more importantly at a behavioural level.

The personality evaluation is performed by analysing video feed of customers using a combination of AI, computer vision, speech processing and social science. Accuracy reaches unprecedented levels and the process limits bias to a minimum. All this happens in an automated way and can be scaled to large datasets.

This comes as a complementary solution to other methods, which include online communities, text analytics, social media analytics, etc.


Benefits of implementing VIMA’s technology


Seamless research and multimodal sensing
Measure and analyse what really matters, in natural environments, without getting in the way: voice tonality, eye gazing, facial micro-expressions and body movement. This can be done with webcams that are readily available on smartphones laptops.


Honest feedback
What customers say about a product oftentimes does not correlate with emotional responses. This could be caused by a number of reasons: peer pressure, social norms, embarrassment, or maybe a lack of understanding. However, these states are highly predictive of product acceptance and provide authentic insights.


Clear reporting using top-quality data
Turn complex data streams into a comprehensive and user-friendly research reports. Leverage VIMA’s scientifically validated technology to go to the next level.


Use Cases

Leverage VIMA’s behavioural intelligence tools to increase data quality, lower costs and increase adoption of market insights’ solutions.


Decentralised focus groups and interviews with webcams

Whether online or offline, monitor the behaviours of participants when they discuss topics in focus groups or when interviews are performed. The emotional calibration based on behaviours allows you to access deep and real-time insights such as a psychographic profiling of customers like never before.


Shopper insights

This traditional method that looks at consumer behaviours on site, such as in brick and mortar shops, are very costly due to the physical presence of experts on the ground.

VIMA is looking at solving the challenges associated with this specific research method: an automated full-body emotional detection allows for a precise analysis of behaviours at scale. Psychographics and demographics statistics also complement these insights.


Panel providers

Accessing the experience, preferences, and opinions of consumers is of paramount importance when it comes to market research. However, pools of panelists often lack sufficient diversity. In addition, the selection process is tedious, time-consuming and therefore costly.

By giving access to psychographic profiles of participants, VIMA can ensure a statistical representation based on personalities, not only demographics. This leads to more accurate feedbacks from panel groups.


Customer relationship

Whether in a call centre, at a hotel desk or a car rental counter, customer service can be greatly enhanced thanks to a personalisation of the interaction. VIMA empowers agents with real-time adaptive decision tree

This increases customer satisfaction, which can be monitored in in real-time, and reduces the churn of clients.


Implementation and timeline

Enterprise integration

VIMA’s product is compatible with any major customer relation management CRM system. VIMA will provide personalised IT support to help you set up the system with your IT team.


Continuous improvement

Benefit from the latest advancements from our research group in social computing and behavioural psychology. We are relentlessly advancing the accuracy of our AI systems to provide with the latest innovations in the field of behavioural intelligence.


About VIMA

VIMA is a spin-off of the Idiap Research Institute, a world-class AI centre affiliated with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL. The company leverages over ten years of research in social computing, behavioural psychology, computer vision and speech processing.

The research has been partially funded by the Swiss Agency for Innovation Innosuisse and has been scientifically validated in high impact journals for years. Moreover, it has attracted worldwide attention by being referenced in Harvard Business Review.



Vima has been selected by the IMD Business School for its outstanding technology.

The company is ideally positioned to become the future leader in providing behavioural intelligence tools that will be key to unlock unheard of opportunities in next-generation human-machine interactions.









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